Rme fireface ucx software testing

Fireface uc rme audio interfaces format converters. I just got a brand new ff802 and did some comprehensive testing with it. The firmware flash updates are available in the categories firewire, usb and hdps ethunderbolt. It continues rme s long tradition of designing compact highend interfaces, packing into a halfrack size unit what usually would be spread out over two or three 19 inch panels. View and download rme audio fireface ucx user manual online. Rme also enjoy an enviable reputation for the quality of the driver software that powers their firewire and pci interfaces. Fireface ucx rme audio interfaces format converters preamps. The rme fireface ucx is an excellent product, synonym of fidelity, quality, stability and durability. Software presonus stdudio one running on a hp zbook with quad core 2.

The drivers and totalmix software live up to the reputation that rme hold for flawless stability and latency is a nonissue. The top pres manley voxbox, neve portico 5012, blue robbie, etc, are. Highend, 36channel audio interface with fullfeatured effects an ipad support. I easily can use the lowest latency of 48 samples and run 16 tracks plus a good amount of plugins without problems. Mit dem neuen fireface ucx prasentiert rme ein weiteres. Fireface ucx rme audio interfaces format converters. While the insert effects are available on a per channel basis on all input and output channels, the send effects are on a separate effects bus. It has all the bells and whistles that made the adi2 pro famous, including its perfectly transparent sound signature and full dsp processing with bass, treble, loudness, 5 band parametric eq.

The fact that you can record and monitor at latencies similar to pci and pcie cards, on a usb 2. Insert effects, namely the eq and compressor, and send effects like reverb and delay. The adi2 dac includes an improved steadyclock, a finetuned to perfection analog circuitry, new mrc remote control, extreme power headphone output and a very special iem output. Audiointerface rme fireface ucx professional audio. When the fireface ucx is connected to a computer, these controls simply mirror actions that could be performed just as well by adjusting controls in rme s totalmix fx software, but you dont have that option when the ucx is used standalone, or as an ipad interface. Listen supplies rme interfaces fully tested and precalibrated for use with soundcheck. Mac os x intel driver for fireface 400, 800, 802, ucx, ufx, version 3. Rme audio presents the allnew 12mic, avb tool and m1610 pro, a flexible, reliable solutions for avb conversion and recording.

Rme audio totalmix fx dsp effects overview totalmix fx comes with two types of effects. First select your operating system, then the respective interface. The 18in x 18out rme fireface ucx hybrid analogue and digital interface gives you many of the hit. The ucx s preamps dont overload nearly as easily as the af4 with the same mic. Fireface ucx class compliant mode technical background, mode of operation, practical use 1. Rme s audio interface with all the latest technologies fireface ucx. Totalyser is the allinone analysis tool, worth a thousand dollars, and free for all rme card users. The ucx comes with rme s unique software tool box for metering, testing, measuring and analyzing digital audio streams. Rme s impressive digi check metering and analysis toolbox software is also included, along with the new totalmix. The front of the fireface ucx features instrument, line and microphone inputs. The fireface ucx is a highly integrated pro audio solution in an ultracompact format for studio and live recordings.

Rme offers a range of multichannel audio interfaces that work well with soundcheck. I had my doubts about switching from a pci interface to the ucx s usb, but if anything, the ucx is faster. The fireface uc features all of the proven rme analog and digital circuitry. Looking at low latency performance, round trip latency, the total mix software and control panels. Fireface 802 rme audio interfaces format converters. Rme ff ufx, xtc, adi648, madiface usb w10 pro 64bit. So i got the universal audio apollo interface last week, and today i received the rme fireface ufx interface. However, the new fireface uc is the first rme device to connect via usb 2.

It continues rme s long tradition of designing compact highend interfaces, packing into a halfrack size unit what usually would be. It provides a multitrack recorder, calculates the level meters peak and rms in hardware and is able to analyze and display playback data from any software, no matter which format the software uses. A quick lesson where to find totalmix fx and settings on a windows 10 computer after installing the driver. The tracks recorded through the ucx s two onboard mic preamps sounded great. It provides a multitrack recorder, calculates the level meters peak and rms in hardware, and analyzes and displays audio in multiple ways, like stereo, multichannel, all channels, surround, spectral, and many more.

The digicheck software is a unique utility developed for testing, measuring and. Continuing the legacy of rme s famous hdsp digiface, a triple adat io interface with phones and pci interface, digiface usb simplifies connection with usb 2, does not. Driver changes are listed in the readme file within the downloaded driver archive. For some additional information on testing the input and output levels, scroll down to the end of this article.

Home rme audio interfaces format converters preamps. I use a rme adi8 ds to get the bottom 8 channels of pres into the ucx. Handling is a 4\5 just because theres no gain and volume knobs everything is through the software. All uptodate drivers for the current rme product line. The entire hats system is then connected to an rme fireface ucx analog to digital interface. Compared to the sparrow red, id give a 10% advantage to the sparrow, bc it sounds good when you push it into distortion, and the ucx obviously does not which is probably a good thing, bc you should really want clean recordings lol. How to use zoom and skype with an rme audio interface macpc. The two mic preamps sound excellent, extremely transparent and clear. Totalyser assembles the most important audio meters in one window. The rme fireface ucx audio interface is a compact and high end usb and firewire interface. The fireface ucx from rme is a highend audio interface loaded to the brim with all of the professional connections needed in a studio environment, but in a compact enough design that you can easily take on the road or in the field for mobile recording applications. With the geeky tests out of the way, i employed the fireface ucx with my newer, usbonly r700 laptop to record overdubs of piano, acoustic guitar, and vocals. See all new products at namm show booth 14702, acc north hall. Rme fireface 802 vs rme fireface ufx when you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Fortunately, the store where i buy my gear were good enough to let me test both. Probably could not choose the correct one in a blind test on a same source as the conversion on both of them is excellent. Fireface uc ucx low latency operation thank you vincet and isaac for your advices, i just tested with dpc latency checker 1. The fireface ucx operates in three different modes. The latter describes a standard that is natively supported by operating systems like windows, mac osx and linux. The rme ucx might be the more obvious option, practically a small ufx for about half the. Ive been using a rme ucx for my da, but am getting a clarett octopre, so could run adat out of the rme into the octopre, clocked by the rme over wordclock, for my da. It is the only device in its class with active jitter suppression, enhanced standalone functionality and complete controllability from the front panel, highly flexible ios in professional quality, and an unsurpassed 648channel matrix router at sample rates of up. Rme audio fireface ufx ii adk pro audio 4232540492. Can it meet the same high standards for stability, flexibility and low. Rme s own reliable and ultra lowlatency drivers and the steadyclock active jittersuppression technology complete the headlines.

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