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The european red deer is the largest of all the red deer and an. By far the most popular corsican ram coloration pattern. In addition, the funds collected by sci record book directly aid in protecting your freedom to hunt and hunting for our next generation. The sci record book of big game animals uses scis unique allinclusive record keeping system, the most used system in the world, to document our hunting heritage. Texas whitetail hunts up to 160 texas whitetail hunts 161 to 200 texas whitetail hunts 201 to 250 texas whitetail hunts 251 to 300 texas whitetail hunts 301 and up. Trophy game records of the world texas trophy hunters association exotic. Among these herd animals are several trophysize and state record rams. Record books are considered to be the epitome of encyclopedias of big game animals and may be purchased individually.

Mature axis bucks will live weigh in at 175200 lbs and have antler beams from 3036 with heavy antlers, long brow tines and big secondary points. Please take the publication date into consideration for any date references. World record yak, european bison, alaskan dahl and mountain goat have been taken at the while elk ranch. According to valdez and nadler, whose classification is followed here, the red sheep is a hybrid between the armenian mouflon ovis gmelini gmelini and the transcaspian urial o. At ranger creek ranch, we have viewed aoudad herds with animals numbering as large as 65 per group. Weight averages 110 pounds 50 kg, but sometimes as much as 150 pounds 68 kg. Bring your binoculars, your patients and your accurate choice of weapon. All forms revised may 2018 method 1 for most animals with simple horns. Red sheep red stag roan sable scimitar oryx sika sitatunga springbok texas dall sheep thomsons gazelle.

Check back for 20202021 dates visit the rates page for information on pricing. The iranian red sheep originates from iran but thrives in the hill country terrain allowing us to offer year round iranian red sheep hunts in texas. Trophy ram hunts texas record class hunting lucky 7. Sci members agree to abide by the organizations code of ethics which includes making a positive contribution to wildlife and ecosystems, complying with game laws and assisting game and fish officers. They were part of a program to establish them on other ranches.

Breeding record book for cattle b 006 breeding record book for cattle. Sci and is a life member of sci, the nra and texas trophy. Desert safaris is fortunate to have 4 properties secured in central texas that encompass over 29,000 acres of the most prime freerange axis deer hunting habitat to be found anywhere. Aaron bulkley, owner of texas hunt lodge is a master measurer for sci and will score any and all trophies brought to our office. The aoudad hunts in texas are generally conducted in the hill country region within a 1 to 2 hour drive from the san antonio airport, or in the big bendtrans pecos regions of west texas. The tsgra represents texas ranchers who raise a wide variety of sheep and goat breeds. Though palmers other kills are no longer part of scis record bookhis sci. Click on any of the banners to show or hide the breed details. Whitetail deer hunts texas white tail hunting squaw. The record sheets were designed for use in a looseleaf binder, which can be customized to each individual operation. Super trophy aoudad sheep in texas worldwide trophy adventures. Sci online record book has hunting information and details, population density maps, and record scores for over 100 big game. These traveling men took an immediate liking to one of the red sheep ewes. Record book this record book was designed for field use kept in truck, to record beef cattle and pasture records.

They top out around 33, but a few giants have reached 36 and a bit. It also inhabits the atlas mountains region between morocco and tunisia in northwestern africa, being the only species of deer to inhabit africa. Scis chief master measurer, chris emery, shows you how to measure sheep horns for entry into the sci record books. Complete and official hunting trophy records, scores, pictures, and species information for over 100 big game animals from the worlds leading hunting. Site map safari club international online record book. This online application provides access to the entire sci record book.

Complete and official hunting trophy records, scores, pictures, and species information for over 100 big game animals from the worlds leading hunting conservation group safari club international. Red sheep hunting texas hunt lodge texas hunt lodge. Please see below for our pricing for 2015 please contact us for current specials. In the past five seasons he has guided eight rams that score from 148. Sci scoring forms to print out and fill out after a successful harvest at mad bucks trophy deer ranch. Texas exotic hunts at shonto ranch in the texas hill country. From here you are able to browse entries by location, species, hunting companyguide, and more. Pbgso offers year round trophy aoudad hunts in texas.

Method 11 sci form wild sheep wild sheep, aoudad, tur. This book allows you to record information on a ewe or doe with dates. Monster bucks scoring over 200 up to 300 sci gold i medal. We appreciate chad documenting his hunting heritage with sci and adding to our valuable collection of scientific data. The sci record book of big game animals uses scis unique allinclusive record keeping system, the most used system in the world, to document our hunting. Sci has more than 50,000 members and 180 local chapters. Safari club international sci is a us organization composed of hunters dedicated to protecting the freedom to hunt. He is totally devoted to producing exceptional trophies for his clients and his hunters have taken three of the top ten aoudad in the latest sci record book. A good 27 long aoudad will usually make the sci book, and the biggest will exceed 30 inches. The sci online record book is available exclusively to safari club international members, to gain access please join sci and. The iranian red sheep hunts in texas are generally conducted in the hill country region within a 1 to 2 hour drive from the san antonio airport.

Official measuring forms safari club international. In the beginning, participation was low due to a large number of skeptical individuals not believing there would be a record. Texas hunt lodge scores dozens of animals for sci, safari club international every year. Free range axis deer hunting in texas desert safaris. Sci scoring forms texas mad bucks trophy deer ranch. In 1984, qualifying entries into the record book were divided into bronze, silver, and gold categories, according to score. The origin of the barbados blackbelly has been widely accepted as african. At one time, there were only about 500 desert bighorn sheep in arizona. The breeding record book for cattle is designed to allow you to. The red deer inhabits most of europe, the caucasus mountains region, asia minor, iran, parts of western asia, and central asia. Welcome to the online record book safari club international. Rank score length r length l base r base l 3rd quarter r 3rd quarter l locality year hunter. Texas red sheep hunts hunting record class red sheep in the texas hill country.

As the name implies these rams have the black underbelly, inside of the legs, the back part of the thighs, and the hair inside the ears. The records of exotics scoring system and book was originated in 1976 by thompson temple of ingram, texas. Thompson realized there was a need for competition and recognition among exotic hunters within the united states. The capes on these animals are unmatched by anything coming out of texas. The red sheep was sired by a transcaspian urial and armenian mouflon. Complete and official hunting trophy records, scores, pictures, and species. He and his guide are seasoned sheep hunters with six private ranches that total over 400,000 acres.

Aoudad or barbary sheep north america introduced arabian oryx africa. Texas red sheep facts and information male shoulder height 2932 inches 7481 cm. Texas is home to the most varied and impressive population of exotic animals in the nation, and the texas hill country provides a particularly productive habitat for these species. Much to the chagrin of the ranch manager, a large texas dall ram and equally large black hawaiian ram showed up. Hunter takes new texas state record bighorn sheep march 19, 2007 steve lightfoot, 5123894701, steve. The forms below are to download for you or our staff to score your trophies. The ranger creek ranch aoudad herd is heavily managed and only a select few aoudad. Congratulations to chad for his successful hunt in texas. Trophies that meet the awards minimum but not the alltime minimum will be listed in the awards book. Safari club international safari club international. By signing below, i am stating that i have completed this record book myself and, to the best of my knowledge, the information included in it is correct. With there beautiful majestic horns and beautiful spotted coat and excellent tasty meat fine table faire there is no wonder there popularity as a.

The red sheep is classified as a hybrid sheep, occurring naturally in the alborz mountains of northern iran. The red deer cervus elaphus is one of the largest deer species. Corsican sheep exotic hunts canada, silvertine wildlife co. Native to the west indies, the barbados sheep crossed with the mouflon a long time ago in texas, has created the blackbelly corsican ram. Safari club international score sheets texas hunt lodge. Below you will find photos and information about the many breeds that are raised by our members. The mackenzie mountains of the nwt cover a vast stretch of absolutely wild and untouched land 54,000 square miles or 34. Several aoudad that have been harvested on the ranch have scored in the sci record book. A few years ago there was a small herd of freerange red sheep on a ranch in south texas. Shonto ranch offers guided hunting trips for a range of exotics, including axis deer, blackbuck antelope, fallow deer, red stag, scimitar horned oryx, red sheep. Thompson realized a need for competition among exotic hunters as well as recognition for the really great exotic trophies taken in the united states. Red sheep hunting texas red sheep hunting texas consist of hunts beginning at daylight, scouting areas known to hold trophy rams. How to measure sheep horns for scis record book youtube. The roe scoring system and record book was originated in 1976 by thompson temple of ingram, texas.

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