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In which year did mahatma gandhi arrive in india from south. He promulgated the vernacular press act 1878 which imposed severe restrictions on the vernacular press a major instrument in the hands of the intelligentsia in spreading nationalist ideas. Write a note on vernacular press act social science. Indian history questions gk questions on history gk.

The argus company soon became the first monopoly in the black press, with 10 weekly papers in the southern african region, and handled advertising for 12 publications in. Dmpq explain main features of vernacular press act, 1878. The act was intended to prevent the vernacular press from expressing criticism of british policiesnotably, the opposition that had grown with the outset of the second angloafghan war 187880. The vernacular is contrasted with higherprestige forms of language, such as national, literary, liturgical or scientific idiom, or a lingua franca, used to facilitate communication across a large area. Act practice test pdf, act prep book, act syllabus, act. In 1878, the vernacular press act was passed, modelled on the irish press laws. The viceroy lord lytton strongly denounced newspapers published in the vernacular languages as mischievous scribblers preaching open sedition.

It was the press act of 1835 which proved to be the liberator of indian press. Bantu press was, 14 months after its establishment, taken over by the argus newspaper company, which controlled it until 1952. Vernacular act was passed by lord lytton to prevent press of indian languages from expressing criticism against the british government. The making of the national movement 1870 to 1947 class 8 history. It laid down that children below 7 could not work in factories, while children between 7 and 12 would not work for more than 9 hours a day. The title viceroy meant crowns personal a servant b representative c assistant d administrator 88. A key feature of vernacular literacies is that they are voluntary and selfgenerated, rather than being framed and valued by the needs of social institutions. Lord lytton was being bitterly criticized for the second angloafghan war 187880. Proposed by lord lytton, then viceroy of india governed 187680, the act was intended to prevent the vernacular press from expressing criticism of british policiesnotably, the opposition that had grown with the outset of the second angloafghan war 1878. So, in the best interest of the government, lord lytton passed the vernacular press act in. A vernacular, or vernacular language, is the speech variety used in everyday life by the general population in a geographical or social territory. Indian history gk pdf free download indian history pdf. Redefining vernacular literacies in the age of web 2. Niperg has developed two products to help in the fight against the outbreak of the covid19.

The government was able to use education as a tool to foster unity and nationbuilding through a common syllabus and curriculum. The act dealt primarily with the problem of child labour. The outcome of the press politics was the passing of sedition act and banning the. Vernacular ethnography and the governance of aboriginal subjects. In 1989, the national philosophy of education was released and became part of. After the 1857 revolt, the responsibility of ruling india was directly assumed by the british crown. The most recent change in the act was done in 2010 through an amendment for the arms act. Vernacular press act, constitutional provisions regarding press freedom, official secrets act, press and registration of books act.

Ch11 the making of the national movement 1870 to 1947. The district magistrate was empowered to call upon the printer and publisher of any vernacular newspaper to. The vernacular literacies ranged from record keeping and notetaking through to extended writing of diaries, fictional writing, life histories and local histories. Current trends in malaysian higher education and the. It is a act passed by lord lytton on the model of irish press laws, for better control of indian language newspapers. After the 1857 revolt relation between the british government and the indians turned bitter. Gk questions and answers on the history of press in india. The vernacular press act was passed in 1878 under the governor generalship and viceroyalty. This paper attacked the corrupt practices of company officials and also criticized the. Vernacular press act, indian national movement, history of. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. So, he promulgated the act with an aim to prevent the vernacular press from expressing criticism of british policies under him. Vernacular press act was passed with a view to having better. The gagging act of 1857 was a much milder piece of legislation than the press act of 1878.

Act online prep has practice test questions, a practice essay with realtime scoring, a diagnostic test, and personalized study path. The role of vernacular press in subcontinent during the. Racial bitterness which was the legacy of the revolt of 1857 was the cause due to which after 1858, european press always supported government on political controversies while the vernacular press remained critical of the british policies. The vernacular press act of 1878 was enacted to curtail the freedom of the indianlanguages press. Appendix to petition from inhabitants of calcutta and its vicinity, relating to the vernacular press act pdf by.

The act discriminated between english and vernacular press, and offered no right of appeal. In india this act was passedact ix of 1878 to preve. The act lists the punishments associated with breaking rules related to the act. Suggest other answer login to discusssuggest the answer. The role of vernacular press in subcontinent during. Get information on the vernacular press in nineteenth century, india. History mcqs practice test 15 of get unlimited access to the best preparation resource for ugc. The national education system was implemented after the education act 1966 was passed by parliament. Most of the questions in this topic come from english usagemechanics and rhetorical skills, mathematics prealgebra, elementary algebra, intermediate algebra, coordinate geometry, geometry, elementary trigonometry, reasoning, and problemsolving, reading reading comprehension, science interpretation, analysis, evaluation, reasoning, and problemsolving. Vernacular press act, 1878 was a highly controversial measure repressing the freedom of vernacular press. The story of the indian press economic and political weekly.

In which year was the vernacular press act enacted to silence those who were critical to the government. Pdf vernacular architecture as a model for contemporary. The nationalist movement since 1883 gave an impetus to the development of the press in india. The indian arms act of 1878 was enacted by legislated during lord lyttons time. As a matter of fact, it is very difficult to distin guish the development of the press. Antiochus 2 theos is the ancient greek king contemporary of asoka and mentioned him in his edicts. Indians knew that the british people did not know their language, so, they used this to their advantage and decided to communicate through newspapers which were published in vernacular language. Metcalfe lifted the restrictions on the indian press in 1835 22. There were medical colleges in the country in 1857 a 5 b 3 c 9 d 7 89. The first newspaper that appeared was weekly bengal gazette in 1780. In british india, the vernacular press act 1878 was enacted to curtail the freedom of the indian press and prevent the expression of criticism toward british. The main aim of the act is to control the printing and circulation of seditious material. Who first voiced the idea of a separate muslim state in india. Ask questions, doubts, problems and we will help you.

Even though some practice tests are old dating as far back as 2005, the format of the act hasnt changed much since then except for the introduction of a redesigned writing section in 2015, so youre basically still taking the same. The pain management best practices interagency task force task force was convened by the us department of health and human services hhs in conjunction with the department of defense dod and the veterans administration va with the. The vernacular press act was repealed by answers with. Ramanathan looks in detail at the practice of a catholic jesuit institution in ahmedabad that has specific policies about welcoming gujaratimedium students and in particular dalit students the untouchables or, to use gandhis term, harijans. The vernacular press in nineteenth century india served not just as newspapers but more importantly as viewspapers the press in india was largely an english institution. In the first battle of panipat, the battle artillery was used for the first time. The issues surrounding the function and meaning of vernacular architecture in the twentyfirst century are complex and extensive. In british india, the vernacular press act enacted in 1878 to curtail the freedom of the indian i. Vernacular press act vpa of 1878 was designed to better control the vernacular press and effectively punish and repress seditious writing. Lord lytton wanted to thwart the seditious ambitions of the western educated elite. The act was proposed by lord lytton, then viceroy of india, and was unanimously passed by the viceroys council on 14 march 1878.

The vernacular press act of 1878 was repealed by a lord ripon b lord minto c lord curzon d lord lytto ans. Vernacular press act, 1878 was constituted for better control of the vernacular press and effectively punished and repressed seditious writing. In this entertaining and illuminating book, michael ohl considers scientific naming as a joyful and creative act. The act briefs rules and regulations about acquisition, manufacture, possession, sale, import and export ammunition in india. Preparing for the act 6431 a copy of the full code may be obtained free of charge from act customer services, p. Free answer writing practice question for ias mains exam. Lord lytton on march 1, 1878 passed the vernacular press act, an act for more stringent. Practice free questions on british raj, social science, ntse. In 1864, theo sumner, vicepresident of the victorian central board for the protection of aborigines cbpa noted with some frustration that members of. Proposed by lord lytton, then viceroy of india governed 187680, the act was intended to prevent the vernacular press from expressing criticism of british policiesnotably, the opposition that had grown. However, the history of indian press, especially the vernacular press. The history of the black press a paper written in 2009. History of indian press and censorship international journal of.

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